3 little-Big things about the new LinkedIn app


LinkedIn released a pretty looking new iOS app today, and being an extreme LinkedIn user, checking the app up front was the very next thing to do. I am sure many of you have updated to the latest version already, and sure, the app has an entirely new look, or should I say a very facebook/Quora sort of look. Nevertheless, there are a few things about this update which I think are more than a interface rethinking. In this very short post I want to share 3 little Big things that I liked about this new version; changes that are small, but do open up or solve bigger things.

The ability to converse with out accepting new connections

You can now just simply tap on "Reply to ..." and converse with prospective connections with out adding them. This comes out as a great relief for influencers or high network LinkedIn users who may receive tons of connections requests, and it may not be viable to add everyone. The other side of the coin is - did LinkedIn undermine InMail here? of course, there is a crisp character limit on the connection request message, but now connection-request-messages look like a better substitute for the paid InMail service.

The ability to discover the potential of your network nodes

Somebody viewed your profile, and you have no idea how much attention you should pay to this new visitor. Well, LinkedIn now tells you the potential of your profile visitors "ABC can introduce you to 5 people at XYZ company". Many have criticised LinkedIn of being more of a recruiter's database than a network facilitator, I think this small change can go a long way in connecting with the right set of people instantaneously; great move!

The ability to share a link, and actually see what you share

Many of us now access LinkedIn on mobile, and we share stuff/links/articles all the time. The good news is LinkedIn just made link sharing on the app simple and easier. You paste/type in the link , and you'd know if the thumbnail has the right picture or not.

Slack Killer?

This one is a last minute addition to this post - stickers to chat with your co-workers! I bet less than 0.01% of people write messages to their coworkers on LinkedIn, but if this is a move to compete with Slack, then this is a decent start, though buying Slack may not be that far fetched either!